2018’s Leading Trends in Wood Flooring Services

9 February 2018


Wood flooring is a home decoration style that has been synonymous with classy tastes. When the average homeowner decides on changing or concealing the floors of his residence with wood flooring, it is more than impulsive buy. Wood flooring services do not come for cheap by any means. The consumer is often unaware of the fact that wood flooring is not a singular task about installing planks for a floor; the texture, colour consistency and type of wood needs to be taken into consideration. It takes decision-making skills that warrant for weighing the pros and cons of opting for a particular type of wood.


The finished product becomes a source of pride for both the home-owner and the wood flooring service if they put their heads together to bring out the best in the hardwood planks. A few wood flooring trends are piquing the interest of luxury homeowners more than others. Let us have a look at the top contenders for wooden flooring, in 2018: 


Angled Wood flooring


Angled wood flooring is all the rage nowadays with home-owners. Bringing a very unconventional flavour to the interior decoration scheme, angled wood flooring is slightly costlier than straight wood flooring. If budget is a concern, home-owners can opt instead to apply angled wooden planks to floor the lounge or the corridors. Because of the measurements that go into connecting corners of a room with angled wooden planks, smaller rooms exhibit the optical illusion of appearing bigger.


Wide plank hardwood flooring



Few homeowners in 2018, prefer the organic look and feel of employing wide and long planks of hardwood in covering up their floors. This blows up the texture of the wood to the eye. After polishing and varnishing, the intricacy of the composition of the wood shines flamboyantly. This is more cost-effective than the angled wood flooring plan, because the number of planks that require to be engineered and purposed for the task, is less. The lustre and the detailing of the expansive canvas of wood becomes more pronounced with regular polishing.


Matte and Satin


The earliest known examples of hardwood saw consumers veer towards the polished, dark look and feel. The common notion being that gloss and black add a luxurious and sombre vibe to anything. However, the wise consumer can estimate the upkeep costs for a glossy wooden floor, and its susceptibility to scratches and blemishes. Matte floors are therefore a more common sight in homes. The upkeep cost and time consumption is definitely less and the matte look is in vogue. Satin is an alternative which drives a bargain between the gloss factor and the matte feel and gives the consumer a middle ground.


Besides the texture of the hardwood planks, the color of the same is another attribute that home-owners and interior decorators love experimenting with. The dark and gray hued hard-wood is more common for homes, given their time-tested visual stamina. Artisan Timbers has revealed that 2018 is witnessing a large number of customers opting for wood flooring services.