6 Tips to Maintain your Designer Furniture

13 February 2018

Buying furniture for interior decoration is all well and good. But without the proper maintenance and after-care they deserve, they do not serve the purpose of beautification. Also, furniture that are more prone to neglect are known to fail the longevity test. A lot of furniture designers and manufacturers are quick to sell their client on the latest trends and the popular picks of the season, but not many perform their due diligence and educate the customer about which product suits the consumer’s space requirements, or even ensures that the product lives to see its full potential.





Artisan Timbers is one of the most reputed enterprises who offers attractive design furniture in Adelaide. They are adroit in pointing out to clients which piece of equipment suits their requirement the best, which brand suits their budget, and which build accentuates their interior décor. It goes without saying, that the ideal furniture designer or timber designer goes the extra mile to provide tips to their consumers about maintaining the furniture, such as follows:


Measure the dimensions:


Do not buy furniture without ascertaining the dimensions that you would have to fill up with the said furniture. Consulting the furniture provider or designer with the same, helps the latter understand which specification or build of products can fulfil the customer’s requirements.


Don’t purchase without comparison:


The prudent customer seeks both value for money, as well as takes the time to sift through the variety. There are several shops were the sale invoice is printed as soon as the customer confesses a big budget or a particular, pricey piece of furniture. The ethical furniture provider is quick to first ask the requirements the customer has so they can think about fulfilling that first. Once the requirement baseline is set, finding a furniture that suits the budget and adds decorative value, can be purchased.


Is it worth the investment:


Sure, a discount offer is a good reason to run to the store with your piggy bank in hand, but a bargain of a sale is no reason to splurge unnecessarily. Maybe the product went on sale because it has very little value for money?! The cheapest buy may not always be the best buy, just as a pricey purchase does not always have to be about visual quality.


Avoiding the Sun:


It is not wise to place decorative furniture smack under the rays of the Sun. While the setup maybe comfortable and convenient for you, make no mistake, the paint loses lustre very fast under the UV rays. The composition of the furniture also tends to become brittle with continuous exposure to Sun.


Don’t forget to Paint and Varnish:


While direct exposure affects paint too, furniture paints these days have a metallic lustre which reflects the UV rays of the Sun. The varnish adds to the gleam as well. Regular painting and varnish also ensure that the paint chipping away does not ruin the appearance of the furniture.


Keep them covered:


Expert, customer-centric timber furniture designers like Artisan Timbers usually advise customers to keep their furniture covered by a sheet of cloth, when they can. The reason being, the accumulative dust which affects the conditioning of the wood and paint.


If you are looking for experienced artisans who design furniture in Adelaide, then pick one that takes the time out to share the benefits of practices that keep furniture in tip-top condition.