About Artisan Timbers

Artisan Timbers

Artisan Timbers began in 2014 as a facility to custom design and craft unique items prioritising the practice of recycling the use of old timbers or wood sourced from fallen or felled trees.

Artisan Timbers offers a range of beautifully made unique products for those who appreciate the beauty and soft nurturing qualities of wood in their homes for enriching their lives.

Every item made and supplied by Artisan Timbers is uniquely styled by artists and craftsmen. Our craftsmen consult with customers enabling them to create something unique and stylish for themselves. Through conversation and sharing ideas concepts are sketched to facilitate the development of ideas and agreement on designs.

Please be advised that we do not prefabricate or manufacture hundreds of units to supply market chains.

Our Artisan Timbers logo reflects our “Unity and Interdependence” with nature:

  • The Dolphin reminds us to breathe and enjoy life.
  • The Water or Sea in which the Dolphins live, together with Trees (our source of wood), are the “Lungs of the Earth” on which we depend.
  • The Sun represents the warmth & energies which underpins all life on our precious planet.

We trust you can enjoy and protect this precious gift – our lives depend on it.

Artist’s Statement

“He who works with his hands is a labourer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.” (St. Francis of Assisi [1181-1226]).

My earliest memories are of my Father clearing the land on his farm with bulldozers. After felling the trees he cut up selected trees with swing saws, wedges, axes and sledge hammers to create fences and buildings from the wood (no chainsaws available back then!).

As long as I can remember I have always loved trees, their extraordinary beauty and energy. I plant trees. I respect and take care of them. Then, at the end of a tree’s life by fire or age, if the opportunity presents, I love extending their unique life and richness by creating beautiful and useful pieces.

In 2007, I salvaged large Oregon roofing beams (originally imported from Canada in the 1880’s) from the Horwood Bagshaw agricultural manufacturing facility at Mannum. I collected Eucalyptus timbers from my Cudlee Creek property that had been burnt in the Ash Wednesday bush fires. As opportunity presents I continue to salvage timbers. From these I craft many pieces of art and furniture.

As an artisan of wood it is refreshing, fascinating and amazing to see, with the touch of an artistic hand, how wood uncovers and reveals its beauty. I particularly enjoy using my creative talents to recycle wood pieces and shape them into beautiful objects.

Bio in Brief (Russell Pietsch)

Russell Pietsch first studied woodwork at Stawell Technical School, aged 12-15 (1961-64). A Dookie Diploma of Agriculture gained in 1967 initiated the study and practice of carpentry, building construction, mechanics, welding and many farming practices.

In 2009 Russell became an active member of the local Northern Wood Turners club, and during 2011-12 assisted in building six homes as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Pietsch completed a Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology, TAFESA, Tonsley, in October 2014.

Russell is a member of Northern Wood Turners as well a member of the Fleurieu Woodturners group and the Victor Harbor Men’s Shed. Russell became an active member of the Off the Slate Art Gallery in Willunga in 2015.