Know Which Table Shape Is Best For Your Dining Hall

13 April 2018

Decorating and furnishing a house with handmade furniture items is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. Experienced interior designers often scout for handmade pieces in the flea market, online platforms, or direct maker studios like Artisan Timbers. Direct maker studios like Artisan Timbers are one of the most reliable sources of superior quality handmade furniture items like a cabinet, chair, study table, desk and hall table in South Australia . When it comes to the table or furniture design, many people forget that they can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


There is a myriad of table shapes that are available in the furniture industry. It can be difficult to know whether rectangular, oval, square, or roundtables are the best fit for your home. Each shape brings their own element of design aesthetic and function with pros and cons. It doesn’t matter what is the table shape, there are a few measurements to follow that allow the highest level of comfort in any space. The measurement of the table must ensure that the guests are not crowded and can sit comfortably. Square and round hall tables provide comfort and aesthetic value at the same time. Square tables are not very common and add uniqueness to your space.


Advantages of Square Tables


  • One of the essential benefits of square tables is that it encourages conversation flow. Guests tend to face one another more directly while sitting at a square table and this creates a more intimate feel and encourages conversation.
  • Square tables are more efficient when it comes to space. So, if you have to entertain too many guests or if you need to accommodate unexpected guests, square tables are the best option.
  • You have less dead space with a square table as there is little space that is left unused in the center of the table
  • Square tables fit more easily into smaller spaces such as corner nooks and look great in a square or rectangular room


Advantages of Round Tables


  • Round hall table in South Australia is known for their flexibility in seating and makes it easier to cram loads of people around the table
  • Round tables are versatile and look great even in square areas
  • The flow of a roundtable allows easy movement around the space due to its lack of corners
  • Round tables are perfect for a household with small children as the lack of sharp corners ensure that there are no injuries
  • Round dining hall tables offer a more personal dining experience that encourages conversation and is also comfortable at the same time